Hello!  I’m Karen Lang.  I founded Healthy Balance Nutrition, LLC to help busy people!  So many of us are overworked, stressed, and trying to do it all.  At Healthy Balance Nutrition, LLC, I work with clients to help achieve balance in their lives.  I provide nutrition coaching, which includes easy recipes (including 5 minute recipes) and food prep ideas that take the work out of it.  I feel that nutrition alone is not going to help us balance our lives. My nutrition coaching also includes ideas to be more active during a busy day and how to manage stress (let’s face it, we may not be able to reduce stress, but we can learn how to manage it).

There is no shortage of nutritional information – the hard part is figuring out what works for you. Using Nutritional Therapy I develop an individualized plan for you. And, I give you the support you need to take charge and make the changes you need to feel vibrant and healthy!  Consultations include a discussion about digestion, blood sugar and fatty acid balance, mineral absorption and hydration, to name a few.

Eating properly prepared, whole foods not only helps increase energy; it can also reduce allergy symptoms, significantly reduce and even eliminate the sugar roller coaster, and can help you feel alive again.  Please see the FAQ page for more benefits of nutritional therapy coaching.

I understand the struggle to lose weight and to feel healthy.  I was there for many years.  Using nutritional therapy principles, along with stress management techniques, I have been able to change my life and I have finally made peace with food.  I would love to help you feel better and enjoy food, again.  Please contact me to begin your nutritional journey to optimal health.

To schedule a complimentary consultation to see if nutritional therapy is for you, please complete the Contact Us information, send an email to Karen Lang at healthybalnutrition@gmail.com or give me a call (734) 707-1296.